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Draconic Crystali

Draconic Crystali are hybrids between Crystali and Dragon. Their appearance can vary widely since the dragon genetics tend to be more prominent, but they retain key features like crystal horns/claws and the vented magical aura. (though it can look very different and unique compared to Mystic Crystali)

Draconic Crystali are very seldom seen and most prefer a solitary life away from cities and settlements. They are born of powerful emotional magic, impossible to artificially replicate. They are extremely rare given that the dragons of Nophra rarely fall in love, let alone with a 'lesser' species. Draconic Crystali are seen as on the same level as Dragons, and are worshipped as such.

They have a humanoid form, as well as a beast form. Which form they default to is personal preference.

Dual Elements

Draconic Crystali often posess 2 elements. They're the only type of Crystali capable of this.

Rule Breakers

Draconic Crystali are pretty much exempt from most design rules. the only guideline is that they should “seem like a Crystali”. Having runic markings and some sort of mist aura are good things to keep in mind.

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