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Mystic Crystali

Crystal Clusters

Mystic Crystali have a cluster of crystals in place of where a tail would be. This is connected to their skeleton as a tail would, and is the most telltale sign of a being imbued with magic. They also have crystal ‘horns’. These can be small clusters, or more closely resemble actual animal horns. Their horns can go anywhere around their face and head. Their shapes and sizes vary a ton and have minimal restrictions. They can be asymmetrical as well.

Additional Spines and Horns

Some Crystali have more than the standard sets of horns and tail cluster. It’s uncommon, but it does happen. This doesn’t affect their magic output.

Magic Mist

All Mystic Crystali emit a magic mist from their tail. The intensity and size of it can vary a lot depending on mood and energy levels. Their tails are highly representative of their elements and subtle signs of it are often present in the mist, such as embers for a fire elemental, or sparks for a lightning elemental. The color of their mist should be the same as their crystals.

Cast Channels

Cast channels are the markings that usually look unnatural/runic/tattooed that glow with a Crystali's element. The markings are on the skin and the hairs that grow there are like fibreglass, so the glow shines through them. It's bright enough that in normal daylight they're very visible and saturated, and in darkness they emit a soft glow.

Cast Channels cover no more than 20% of their bodies. They should be markings, not large chunks of color.

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