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Housing range

Crystali live in a wide range of ways. Some live in really big communities in cities, while others enjoy a quieter life in smaller villages and clans. Some even choose to live solitary lives by themselves or with a partner or friend. Nophra isn't overly populated, so there's lots of space and resources to go around.

Their housing can vary, but it's usually humble and small. They feel very connected to the land, so they try to respect it as much as possible. Most also don't really enjoy being inside, it's mostly for sleeping, storage, and for staying out of the elements.

Major Cities vs Towns and Clans

Nophra only really has 2 large cities. Sashai, the capital, and Adamantine Bluffs. Sashai's population live in densely laid out sandstone housing, and Adamantine bluffs is carved out of the side of the cliff facing the ocean to the west.

Outside of the large cities, villages craft their own housing and their aesthetic relies on their beliefs and individual culture and crafts.

Solo Living

Some Crystali prefer a solitary life. Some are nomadic and prefer not to be tied down to a home, while others carve out their own slice of paradise away from the stress and noise of city life. It can be a challenge to live alone, but not needing to eat or drink makes this a very accessible option for Mystic Crystali.

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