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Crystali do not need to reproduce the same way humans do. This means any couple, group or single Crystali can have offspring. There is no need for their gender or relationship type to come into play.

To have a child entails performing a ritual at a life spring. There are a few of these dotted across Nophra in various regions. The ritual will not work unless intentions are pure and true from all parties involved. Offspring are forever tied to all parties who participated in the ceremony. A child's element will usually be closely related to one of their parents'.

Additionally, a child may gain traits from the life spring they were born at. Nearby settlements, Cultures and environments can play a big role. This can show in a variety of ways, so feel free to be creative with it!


A healthy and typical Crystali can live to be around 200 years old. (give or take a couple of decades)


A few things can cause Crystali to die.

If more than 30% of their crystals are shattered, they will die. Their crystals are very tough so this has to be done intentionally.

Aside from being able to wield magic, they are soft beings. They are not magically immortal in any way and will die from any grave injury that they cannot heal from.

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