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Kyvan is an omnipotent entity that wanders the void of space. He moves very quickly and elegantly and seldom ever interacts with any celestial bodies. He was born with the universe and can be considered a part of it. Kyvan’s magic is unfathomably versatile and powerful, but he rarely ever intentionally uses it. Personality-wise, he is sort of zombie-like. He doesn’t have anyone sentient to interact with, so he doesn’t really need any manners. He would never do anything to disturb or hurt anything, and he appreciates the solitude that comes with being a giant space worm.


Sometimes Kyvan enters periods of dormancy that can last several thousand to millions of years. During these dormancies, he can unintentionally project his dreams into reality. In the case of Nophra, he’s managed to create a small star system and feed it so much of his magic that it has begun to thrive. He’s become a spectator and really enjoys the going ons of his private little world. The “Nophra dormancy” has been his longest dream yet.

The Core

As his dream aged, Kyvan desired to watch things grow organically rather than manipulate them or nudge them in any direction. He’s done this by feeding energy to Nophra’s core in such a way that it is constantly overflowing through it. This way, he can provide the planet with an abundance of life, resources and a steady source of magical energy.


Kyvan’s skin/scales are made of an alloy that is highly reflective. At certain angles, he is completely invisible in every way. He reflects light perfectly and absorbs all other wavelengths to remain completely imperceivable. In his sleep, he wrapped himself around his starsystem to completely isolate it from the rest of the universe.


When he’s visible, he looks like an all black dragon-like creature. He has 3 main sets of arms and wings, 5 eyes, and a crest on his head. His scales are very tiny so he appears to be mostly smooth, but his sides are lined with larger bony plates. Between these plates and along the middle of his chest, he often looks to be bursting at the seams with energy. Sometimes as he’s flying he’ll leave a trail of stardust behind. His serpentine body is seemingly infinitely long.

Extra Tidbits

He eats stars and black holes sometimes. This is how he refuels himself. His energy usage is very efficient so he doesn’t need to do this very often. He’ll do it once or twice between dormancies. He only eats lone stars.

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