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Mystic Crystali have no need to eat. Their bodies are sustained by the flow of magic coming from Nophra's core and moving through them. They do, however, need to recharge their bodies in other ways. They need around 6 hours of sleep per night, and if they don't keep up with this, their ability to control their magic can go a bit awry.

While Mystic Crystali don't need to eat, they can still do so for pleasure. There are a lot of bars, restaurants, and other establishments meant to kick back and enjoy a meal with friends in their cities.


Despite their innately magical nature, Crystali can still fall ill. Some illnesses can be warded off on their own without the use of medicines, but sometimes herbs, poultices and spells are necessary for recovery. Crystali of all types can be sick, Draconic and Mystic Crystali are not more immune to illness than Common Crystali.

Common Crystali

Since Common Crystali don't benefit from being sustained by magic, they need to eat and drink in order to survive.

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