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Mirage Dragons


Mirage dragons are unique little wyvern-type dragons. Their scales can reflect light at will in such a way that makes them vanish completely. They are known to be mischievous troublemakers and are not welcome in most of Oerba. They have a history of being paid in comforts by the monarchy to complete spy-like missions and to steal things from others. They are quite intelligent, tend to live in packs and can be vicious group hunters.


Their bodies are various shades of teal with red markings. They tend to always have very fancy appearances. They are always well groomed and sparkle slightly in the sun. Their tails are long, prehensile and have barbs on them to help grip to surfaces. Their wings have long hook-like claws which also help them grip to walls more easily.

Population Decline

They used to be found in all parts of Oerba, but they have had a hard time surviving in present day. They have one last clan with a fair number of individuals living in the whistling oasis of the Enku desert. They are fiercly protected by Hoshi who considers them family. People who don't live near the desert are likely to have never seen one in their entire life and may even think they are only a fable.

Ceremonial Markings

Mirage dragons practice a rituals that involve painting markings on each other out of red paint that they make from the pigment of certain flowering cacti. It's a bonding ritual and they spend a lot of time just chatting during this. That is where their red markings come from.

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