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Kyvan’s Galaxy

Kyvan’s Galaxy is composed of 1 star, 1 planet and 3 moons orbiting the planet. One of the moons, U’lea, is much larger than the other two. The planet, Nophra, has 1 large ice ring that is visible from the surface. The sun, Voathea, is at about the same distance from the planet as our sun is from earth.

While this would usually be referred to as a starsystem, I consider it a galaxy because of how isolated it is and how it cannot interact with anything else due to Kyvan's protection.


Nophra is a medium sized planet mostly covered in ocean. It has one land mass running vertically along its surface. The continent, Ma’krys, runs the entire length of the globe from the north to the south, thus giving it a full spectrum of weather. Crystali inhabit most of it, only really avoiding the far north and south’s harsher winter weather.

Land mass vs ocean

Most of Nophra’s surface is ocean. As a result, the weather at sea can be very intense. Nobody has dared to sail very far, so it’s mostly unmapped. Some rumors of floating land masses and enchanted underwater settlements have come out, but none ever confirmed.

The moons

U’lea is the largest and most prominently visible moon from the surface. During the day it appears pale, but at night it has a pleasant indigo hue. Ulea’s large size compared to Nophra’s vast seas can create some very intense tidal shifts.

The other two moons are subsatellites of U’lea and are often obscured by it. When they’re visible, they’re way smaller than her. Spotting them is considered good luck, similarly to seeing a shooting star.

The Sun

Voathea is the Kyvan starsystem’s only sun. It’s a yellow dwarf, just like our sun.

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