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Oerba is a mysterious place tucked away in its own corner of the universe. Its galaxy is surrounded and kept entirely invisible from the rest of the universe by Kyvan, a giant space serpent who is physically wrapped around the whole thing.


Kyvan is a god who has watched over many parts of the universe, and has accumulated many lifetimes of wisdom. He grew bored of simply watching, but he knew better than to interfere with existing life. He created Oerba in an attempt to make a perfect world. As time went on he has accepted that there is no such thing as true perfection, so he has simply watched.

His only interactions with Crystali were in the very early years of Oerba. He taught the first generation how to fend for themselves and live. He taught them what he felt were just morals. As soon as they were able to fend for themselves, he vanished from their lives. As the years flew by, his existence became less of a fact and more a legend to Crystali


Kyvan's only remaining connection to Crystali is magic. He feeds the planet with it and Crystali draw their magic from his core.

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