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Crystali are a closed species, which means you cannot make your own. Ways to get them are:

  • Buying one from me
  • Obtaining an MYO ticket
  • Trading with someone/buying one from someone

Design Changes

If you buy a premade, I will not make any design changes to it. I spend a lot of time on these and every design decision is very intentional.

I would like to allow design tweaks in the future, I just need to come up with a good and fair way to do this first!

Outfits and Accessories

Crystali are not meant to be restrictive in any way. You may dress them however you like. Their weapons/accessories are entirely up to you. All piercings and hairstyles can also be changed. If they don't have hair and have more of a mane, this can grow and be styled/be decorated with accessories. I have a rough setting guide here with places to draw inspiration from if it helps.

Alternate Universe

When I make Crystali, I am making them with Nophra in mind. However, this doesn't mean you can't draw them with your other ocs or in other settings. When you own a Crystali you gain access to my setting, but you are not restricted to keeping it there.

The only thing that isn't allowed is making changes to your Crystali's design while using their alternate universe setting as an excuse to do so.


While the discord community is to remain SFW for the foreseeable future, I have no problem with people exploring NSFW themes with their Crystali. I'm not really picky about what their genitals should look like, just keep in mind any fleshy bits would be the same color as their element/crystals. Their genitals aren't crystallized, they just 'glow from within'.

Do not draw NSFW art of anyone other than your own character without permission.

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