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Crystali are a closed species, however it is my goal to make them as easily accessible as possible. There are many ways to obtain one.

Premade Designs

Premade designs will be offered periodically, whenever the inspiration for a design strikes. All types of Crystali are offered this way. The price will vary depending on the amount of rare traits and details.


Customs are when you have an idea for a design, and you want to work with me to bring it to life. These will cost more than premades and will involve you and I chatting about it a lot over discord or email. (whichever you prefer, I just don't do DMs on any platform other than discord) The goal is to make you a Crystali that suits you perfectly! All types of Crystali are offered this way.

Customs are exclusive to Patrons. They are done on the existing Crystali base, and you will have access to all traits. For more detailed information about customs, visit the Customs Guide!

MYO (make your own)

MYO tickets will be something that can be won, bought, or obtained through MYO events. I'd love to foster a fun little community, and to me this sounds like a great way to help it grow. These will not be available very often. Only Common and Mystic Crystali can be obtained this way. The traits these can have will be somewhat limited.


Minis are simple designs on a chibi/mini base. These will be very affordable. Mostly Common Crystali will be offered this way.

Ownership Transfer

You are allowed to sell your Crystali for the same amount you got it for, not more. If you got it for free, you are not allowed to sell it. The value can only be increased with additional art. You can also trade them or gift them. Whatever you do, you must let me know so I can keep the masterlist up to date and track who owns who.

If you need to sell your Crystali, I can advertise to the community on your behalf :)


All designs will first be offered to Patrons who will have access to them for 1 week before anyone else, after which they will be shared on my discord server. If nobody wants them after 1 more week, I'll offer them up publicly.

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