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Customs Guide

Here is a guide to customs pricing. If anything seems unclear, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

These prices account for designs made on my base. They will not include outfits or weapons or other things. I have included a section at the bottom for everything I could think someone would want, but again if it's not there please let me know and I'll figure it out!

Customs are only available to Patrons.

Common Crystali

  • Base Price - $80

Mystic Crystali

The base price for Mystic Customs includes access to all traits, with the only limitation being a maximum of 3 Rare traits.

  • Base Price - $180
  • Additional Rare Traits - $20/trait

Draconic Crystali

⚠ As of right now no designs of this tier are in existence, so it's hard for me to provide examples as to what they should look like. Until I'm able to get a design done, they won't be available. ⚠

Draconic Crystali are not designed on the base since their appearance deviates a lot from the Mystics and the Commons. They also tend to be a lot more detailed/they have more to them. This means their price is significantly higher. The price is static though, as they will always have really fancy traits/appearances.

  • Base Price - $270
  • Beast Form Addon - $200

Ref sheet for anthro form will include:

  • Front View
  • Back View
  • closeup of face with open mouth
  • view of their crystals/aura

Ref sheet for beast form will include:

  • Side view of entire body with front wing removed, so back is visible.
  • Wingspan View
  • Closeup of face with open mouth


These are base prices and are a rough estimate of what these things would cost if they had a medium amount of details. Outfits/accessories/weapons can vary a lot in complexity, so these prices are flexible and will reflect that. Please have references for the type of thing you'd like designed, it will be very helpful for me.

  • Outfit Design - $80

These things are in no way limited/under my control. If you want to make your own outfits/accessories you have my blessing. You can even commission someone else for an outfit if you want! The option is only here if you want me to do it. I have rough setting information available here if you need a 'vibe' to work off off.

  • Exalted Focus Ticket - $25
  • Exalted Focus Design - $25 + Ticket

Exalted Focuses are rare things to have, and must be somewhat limited. If you want to make your own, you may simply purchase a ticket for it. Any Crystali can buy a focus. Keep in mind if your Crystali owns and uses a focus, it will change their backstory a lot because of the implications of what it takes to make one.

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