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Mystic Crystali

Mystic Crystali are creatures that are very closely linked to Nophra’s core, which constantly radiates energy. This energy is continually absorbed by them, and radiated out as a mist. It is their life force, and the reason they don't have to eat to regain energy. This process is done completely involuntarily, similar to breathing. The mist trails out of the large cluster where a tail would be otherwise.

As the energy flows through their bodies, it is naturally converted to their element which is why their mist varies so much. Being able to take in more energy at will to expel it as a 'spell' is a skill that one can either be born with, or one that can be trained and improved upon.

Common Crystali

Common Crystali are Crystali that were born lacking a magic channel and crystals. Without the ability to take in more magic from Nophras core, they cannot use any spells and must sustain themselves with food and water instead of magic. They’re still born with an element that shows in their claws, teeth and eyes though. They have a tail instead of a trail of magic and they lack horns.

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