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Magic in Oebra is a Crystali's pride and joy. All of them are born within an element, and there are countless subtypes of magic. Their ability to use magic varies wildly and it's rare to find 2 Crystali who do the same thing. They use their magic for all sorts of stuff from hobbies to making a living to just being kinda pretty.


There are many base elements, but 2 Crystali with the same element can have very different abilities. For example someone with an air element could potentially be able to control the air and knock people over with it, while someone else could be able to gather an air bubble around themselves so they can stay underwater or somewhere where there isn't any oxygen for prolonged periods of time. Crystali magic is very rarely agressive in nature.

That being said, their world is not a peaceful haven and there is definitely conflict. Crystali can train and become fierce fighters.

Some Base elements

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Air

Sometimes Crystali have exceptionally unusual abilities, like an ability to manipulate time, or to heal, or even to disappear into darkness.

Some Unusual Elements

  • Light
  • Shadow
  • Time

Dual Elements

In extremely rare cases, a Crystali can be born with 2 elements. This is exceedingly rare and usually only happens within royal bloodlines.


There is a cycle to Crystali magic. They draw it from Oerba's core, it flows through them and it is then vented into the air/given back to Oerba. This gives them a ghostly misty trail that resembles a tail. It's appearance can vary wildly depending on what element a Crystali belongs to or their overall health.

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