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Skimmers are shark-like creatures who mostly dwell in the seas north of Asteria and south of Psari. They prefer colder climates and are built to swim through the violent waters of the ocean. They are very bulky and designed to be strong swimmers, but they can walk on land if they so desire. They do not live on land despite their ability to which is largely due to their overwhelming predator instincts. they don't mix well with society!

Unfortunately Crystali really do not like to have them near the shores and have been violent with them in the past. They managed to come to a mutually beneficial agreement where the Skimmers serve as guards of their prisons. They are paid and fed for this work, so there hasn't been much conflict with them since.

Prison Guarding

In the south, Skimmers guard the Nethermire prison in Atroa. They do so in exchange for food and to avoid being culled when near land. Attempts to escape are rarely if ever successful because of their very sharp senses when in water. They are sometimes even employed as boat tuggers for the odd trip from Kairos to Atroa.

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