Terms of Service


  • The copyright of the final image stays with me.
    Don’t resell my work unless we have discussed it prior.
  • You may reupload the web-sized version of your commission and/or use it as an icon wherever you want.
  • I have the right to refuse your commission if I don’t like the theme/character.
  • I may not post all commissions to my online galleries.
  • Your commission will be done within 30-90 days. If you have a deadline in mind please let me know and we can discuss.
  • There is a chance that I'll be working on your piece in a stream. If you'd rather I not do that, please let me know when ordering.
  • Very complex characters with large wings or a lot of accessories may cost a little extra.

Revisions/ WIPs

  • A WIP of the sketch/planning stage will be sent to you for larger projects (200$+ minimum)
  • Please make sure to check whether the type of commission you're ordering is artistifc freedom or not. For the most part, I do not send WIPs.
  • If you're looking for something very specific and want to work closely with me, please let me know when you order so we can discuss. I am happy to adjust the price so I can deliver something you'll truly love!
  • If I forget or draw a part of your oc wrong that was clearly on the reference I will fix that for free!


All prices are in USD.

  • I accept payment through Paypal only.
  • Please do not send me payment unprompted, I will send you an invoice when ready.
  • I will not start your commission until I have received at least 50% of the payment. You will not receive the final product until I have been paid in full.


  • If I have not started your commission and you want a refund, I’ll send you back the whole amount.
  • If I have started your commission, I will send you what I have so far and send you back an amount equal to the work I have not yet done.
  • If I cancel your commission because you break the Terms of Service or are rude/impatient you will receive a 50% refund.

What I will/won’t draw

✔️ Nudity/pinups
✔️ Erotica/soft porn
✔️ Mild to medium gore (Candy gore, small wounds, etc.)
✔️ Some light fetish stuff (Light BDSM, maw shots, etc.)

❌ Extreme fetishes
❌ Hard gore
❌ Overly complex mechanical stuff

Please consider what is in my galleries when commissioning me. I’m always open to push my comfort zones, but I might decline a commission based on whether or not I think I can deliver a good drawing. If you’re unsure about anything, please feel free to ask!

Last updated 09/04/2022