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Welcome ot Oerba

Crystali are a personal project of mine. First created in 2013, they've grown and changed with me since

This world and its inhabitants is currently a work in progress. Crystali are a closed species, but if they really pique your interest please get in contact with me bc I would love to bounce ideas with you. <3

Here are my Crystali OCs, as well as anyone else who lives on Oerba.


  • Refine logo/make spell circle/other sigils
  • Make Lore art for stuff
  • update all toyhouse profiles for oerba ocs
  • Make masterlist functional
  • Flesh out the map location information
  • Flesh out base lore


  • All photos used on this wiki are sourced royalty free from
  • All art is by me ( unless specified otherwise.
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